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Write AI reply with conversation by ChatGPT & Tuning

Enhance customer interactions with expertly crafted reply suggestions. Leverages advanced language understanding to provide you with contextually relevant suggestions tailored to customer intents and emotions.

WhatsApp Marketing Copy Refinement

Boost your marketing conversion rates with optimized rewrites of your WhatsApp promotional messages. Leverages AI-powered algorithms to analyze and enhance your existing marketing content, making it more compelling, persuasive, and tailored to resonate with your target audience.

User Profile Extraction & Note-taking

Streamline customer data management with automated user profile extraction from chat records. Intelligently extracts relevant customer information from chat conversations, automatically populating user profiles for easy access and reference. Additionally, important details and insights gathered from conversations are intelligently recorded as notes, ensuring a comprehensive record of customer interactions.


  1. Price: Please understand that our AI features require calls to the ChatGPT API, which will incur a fee, so we cannot offer you the experience for free.
  2. Model: WADeck uses text-davinci-003 also termed in the GPT-3.5 class of models that are trained using Reinforcement learning on top of GPT-3 models.
  3. Limitations: Because ChatGPT has a limit on the length of the prompt (input) text, messages that are too long cannot be processed, details can be found at
  4. Feature advice: Please feel free to reach out to [email protected] with the subject line “AI Assistant advice”. We listen to your attentively to make sure we’re adding features that will truly impact your workflow by saving you hours of work and giving you the data you need.

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