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Why WADeck WhatsApp Message Sender?

Your 3-IN-ONE WhatsApp Messaging Extension.

  1. WhatsApp Web Sender: Easily message from any desktop, compatible across all devices and accounts.

  2. WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender: Send messages to mutiple WhatsApp contacts, groups, or numbers with ease.

  3. Automatic Whatsapp Message Sender: Schedule WA messages or auto-reply for seamless conversation management.


Bulk Message Sending

Whether you're generating leads or influencing customer conversion, you'll need a WhatsApp Bulk message sender to send messages in bulk on WhatsApp.

Efficient delivery of bulk messages caters to various needs, including routine and urgent broadcasting such as promotional events, fliers, activities, and brochures, updates, emergency broadcasts, and downtime alerts.

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WhatsApp message sender-how to schedule messages on whatsapp


Automated Scheduling

Schedule messages on WhatsApp with the Automatic Whatsapp Message sender in advance, ensuring your contacts receive timely and relevant information.

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Personalized Messaging

With WA sender, tailor messages to individual recipients, creating a personalized touch that resonates with your audience.

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Easy-to-Use Interface

It is wise to select a extension and directly use it on WhatsApp Web. WA Web Sender is designing with user-friendly interface, ensures that even beginners can navigate and utilize the online WhatsApp Message Sender Extension with ease.

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